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RETURN AND EXCHANGE POLICY IN STELKITE.COM follows the international standards on return and refusal of an order established by the European Consumer Centre and the Consumers Protection Commission in Bulgaria. Every customer can return the received order, according to our "Return and Exchange Policy".

ATTENTION!!! Any order made in online shop, can be replaced or returned in a period of 14 days counting from the date of transmission of the courier to the customer under the following conditions and steps:



  • If you want to replace an item from your delivered order, do the following steps:
  • Make a new order in the online shop with the wanted product. 
  • When finalizing the order type "return" in "Additional comment".
  • Complete the order and wait for our customer service team to get in touch with you (on the next working day).
  • Do NOT return to Speedy the items you want to replace! Wait for a call from us after you have made the new order.
  • Item exchange is recommended to be made for a product of equal or greater value than the one originally purchased. If in case of item exchange, you select a product of a lower price, the difference will be recorded in your account as a credit that you can use for later shopping.
  • Replacement is executed only under the condition that the additional label, put by online shop has not been removed.


  • The STELKITE team prepares a bill of lading with which you can return the products you want to replace. After you receive the bill number by an e-mail, you can visit any office of Speedy in Bulgaria and return the products using this bill of lading. After we receive the shipment and ensure that the item presentation is preserved, we will send to you a new shipment with your desired sizes / products. 
  • The cost of courier services in both directions is at the expense of the customer.



Using our feedback form in the Contact page, you need to describe that you want to return an item (or all items) of your order by mandatorily filling in:

  •  Your order number (you'll find it in the e-mail with the order confirmation or in your account if you shop as a registered user).
  •  Reason for return.
  •  Indicate that you want a full refund from us.


  • You will receive an e-mail from us with a bill of the lading number which you will use to return the shipment. The transportation cost (courier fees) of the returned order are at your expense. After we receive the shipment, we will contact you to confirm its receipt, and that its presentation is preserved, which allows us to take it back.
  • Return of a product will be implemented only under the condition that the additional label placed by STELKITE online shop has not been removed.
  • Do NOT return to Speedy the items you want to return by yourself! Wait for a call from our customer service team. Otherwise we wouldn’t know that you returned something and it will be back to the office you sent it from in 7 to 10 days.

IMPORTANT!!! If you return a shipment after a review and test in the courier service’s office, the shipment value of the courier service for the return to us is at your expense.


After we receive the returned goods, we will refund your money in the following period:

  • Within 30 days upon payment by credit / debit card or postal money transfer. You will receive your money back on your card account.
  • Within 15 days upon payment by cash on delivery. In this case, you will receive your money by postal money transfer which could be paid in an Econt office chosen by you or by bank transfer to your bank account. To obtain postal money transfer at the courier’s office an identity card will be required.


In a case of emergency and visible defects, you can exchange the selected item in a longer than the standard period. Such cases will be individually reviewed by the Stelkite team and will be executed outside the terms of our exchange policy.


In exchange or return of goods purchased in online shop the following requirements must be met:

  •  Goods’ overall package should NOT be damaged.
  •  Goods‘ labels and / or accessories should NOT be torn or missing
  •  Goods should NOT have been a subject of painting and / or any other manipulation that changes the original appearance of the product.

If the item returned by a client does not meet the above requirements, Stelkite reserves the right to return the goods to the customer without warning!


The items set in Stelkite online shop have real pictures. Despite that, there can be a difference or mismatch in the presentation of the product received. We work hard to show the maximum real appearance of our goods. It is preferable that upon return or replacement of goods, the same to be packed as close as it is possible to the way they have been sent by us. In that case, chances of being damaged during transportation significantly decrease. Orders delivered with "Free shipping" can not be returned once again with free shipping. The customer is required to pay in advance the courier fee.


  •  Each customer may deny a received order without grounds within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the order.
  •  Your cancellation claim must be declared in advance using the contact form in the Contact page quoting your order number (you'll find it in the e-mail with the order confirmation or in your account if you shop as a registered user).

Cancelled orders are sent back to the following address: Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000, Str. 24 ‘Komatevsko shose’
recipient: Angel-Е Ltd

Please keep your correspondence as evidence in case of disputes.


Stelkite owners have the right to change the current return and exchange policy at any time without notice. The new terms will be issued on this page. The current return and exchange policy apply to the Stelkite online shop and its customers (buyers). With the publication of any changes in terms, customers are automatically considered notified and the same accept them.

Last Revision Date: 02/06/2015